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Real Meats, Real Value... Real Tasty!

There are many reasons to buy farm direct from Sangamon Valley Cattle Co:

• NO added hormones or chemicals
• NO antibiotics in your meats
• NO additives for color, preservation, etc.
• NO grains or animal by-products ever used as feed
• You know exactly how and where the animal was raised
• Your cost per pound is actually lower than at the supermarket!
• You will be supporting local agriculture!

Whole, half and split-half orders are available by reservation. Prices may vary depending on market conditions. However, once you have placed your order, the price is set, regardless of what the market may do.

All beef is aged for a minimum of 14 days prior to processing and our meats are vacuum packaged to seal in freshness and flavor.

Vacuum sealed beef is protected from freezer burn and can last a year or longer in the freezer. An average family may go through a half-beef in 6 months to 1 year.

The carcass weight of a whole-beef is generally around 550 to 600 lbs. The amount of meat you receive from the carcass will vary depending on how you request it to be processed and packaged. Most customers will average about 425 lbs. of meat. You can have your order processed and packaged to your specifications and choose the cuts of meat just the way you want them.

Things to Consider When Placing Your Beef Order

Some families will share a "whole beef" with friends, or other family members with each family taking a quarter or a half. This provides an economical alternative and is great way to explore new recipes and expand your culinary skills.

All Customers are invited to visit us at the farm to see how the cattle and sheep are raised and cared for.