Why Grass Fed Beef?

Cattle should grow naturally, at their own pace and without any artificial growth enhancers or forced to digest a diet of commodity corn or mixed and dried byproducts - something nature never intended for them to eat.

Farm animals always benefit when they are kept out of the feedlots and allowed to mature on pasture at a normal rate of growth. Our cattle are never injected with growth hormones, steroids, stimulants or antibiotics, nor are they ever fed any grains or animal by-products. They graze freely in large, open pastures on natural grasses and minerals. Because of this, they grow naturally into healthy, grass-fat cattle.

Health conscious consumers are looking for an alternative to the feedlot corn-fattened beef that is found in most grocery stores. Almost all of the commodity grade beef available in stores comes from cattle finished on grain, byproducts and antibiotics in typically muddy feedlots. Those cattle are injected with growth hormones, steroids or stimulants, so they will grow quickly. This is a major concern to us because many health studies are indicating that consuming meat or dairy products containing growth hormones, steroids, other chemicals, or antibiotics, is contributing to antibiotic resistance in humans and earlier maturity traits in our children. 

Grocery stores may also add coloring, enhancers, water weight or gases (extenders) to their meat. So when you buy hamburger from a grocery store, you are paying for ground up parts that may contain who-knows-what-kind of chemicals and you’re also paying extra for added water weight. You are not getting pure ground beef.

We promise that your ground beef will be the purest ground beef available. You can be certain that your ground beef came from just one steer that was raised under healthy and humane living conditions. Your ground beef will contain meat only. With all the recent beef recalls and BSE "Mad Cow" concerns, that is a very important thing to know.

Our cattle are selected to prosper on high quality grass, fresh air and sunshine without the need for artificial growth hormones, antibiotics or chemical additives. Pasture finishing by rotational grazing on lush grass-legume fields produces a superior quality beef naturally high in flavor, omega-3 fatty acids, CLA and vitamin E.

Pasture raised meats are a healthier, tastier, more nutritious and environmentally responsible way to feed your family. We take pride in producing healthy foods from healthy animals … the old-fashioned way. With Sangamon Valley cattle you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing how your beef was raised and the exact source of your meat.

To learn more details about the benefits of choosing products from pastured animals, read Pasture Perfect by Jo Robinson and explore the wealth of science-based information on Eatwild.com.